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Automation Tech Support

Is your home theatre in need of service? Has your automation system stopped working? In need of some lighting adjustments? We are here to help!

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Smart Home Service & Repair

Service & Upgrades

We can service & upgrade your home automation system, home theatre, lighting control, audio system, security cameras, TV remotes, any wifi & network issues and pretty much any other home technology you have.

Automation Programming


Smart Home’s always require some type of programing in order to integrate, automate and to provide a graphical user interface for easy user interaction.  We can update your programming to suit your ever changing needs!

Smart Home eLearning


You can expect to see eLearning modules being released during the 2nd quarter of 2015 focusing on installing, setup and programming as well as general how-to videos both for the homeowner & professional installers.

Give Your Home a Brain

Think of a Leviton controller as the brain of your automated home. It controls and monitors various systems to maximize safety, comfort, convenience, and energy savings. Automate your home to react based on your schedule or any event.

Simplify your life… take control of your home

There is a home automation system for every lifestyle



Keep a watchful eye around your home, even when you’re away.


Access Control

Limit admission to designated areas using Leviton’s Access Control.


Energy Management

Keep your home comfortable while saving money on energy use.

Surveillance Automation
Energy Management

Simple, Elegant Control System

Effortless control of your residential or commercial system is now a reality with the simplicity of Compass Control’s beautiful graphic interface and the power of Apple iOS devices.

Discover the Most Advanced Control System on iOS devices

Flexibility and Customizable for Variety of Applications


Audio/Video Distribution

Sources & Displays are easily switched, turned off/on, and controlled with a touch of a finger.


Lighting & Shade Control

Set the perfect scene for the lights in your home with a simplified lighting control interface.


Energy Conservation

Customized to help save money, decrease your environmental footprint and maximize your energy conservation.

Audio Video Distribution
Lighting Shade Control

Enhance Comfort & Convenience

Control your home’s lighting from a master keypad or by remote to easily change your visual environment at the touch of a button.

Simplify your life… take control of your home

There is a home automation system for every lifestyle


Increase Productivity

Too much daylight or electric light can make even the most fundamental tasks uncomfortable and difficult to perform.


Elements of Comfort

Personalize a light control system to recall favorite settings and effortlessly transform the light that surrounds you.


Safety & Security

Whether you are leaving for the evening or on an extended vacation, lighting control provides a variety of solutions that can enhance the safety and security of your home.

Lutron Bedroom
Lutron Kitchen

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