Awards & Certificates

Our very special awards and certificates presented to Digiconcepts from our Elite manufactures.

HAI 5-Star Dealer (sadly discontinued)

HAI 5-Star Dealer 2006

HAI 5-Star Dealer 2011

HAI 5-Star Dealer 2007

HAI 5-Star Dealer 2012

HAI 5-Star Dealer 2008

HAI 5-Star Dealer 2009

2004 Training

HAI Automation Simplified

BC LO Voltage Electrical Ticket

Leviton Residential Integrated Network



OnQ Level 2

2005 Training

Leviton LCCS

Superior Essex Performalink

2007 Training

PCS Pulseworx 101

PCS Pulseworx 102

2010 Training

RTI Level III Master Programmer

2014 Training

Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon Shades

2015 Training

Russound Level 2

2016 Training

Leviton Intro to Omni Programming

Leviton 2-Day Omni Programming

Leviton Bitwise

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