One-2-One Personal Coaching

Need extra help? My personal coaching program has been specifically designed to give you exactly what you need and help elevate you to the next level in your custom electronics installs. A no hold ‘em blend of education, practice, and feedback all geared to get you to the next level. Have more questions? Checkout this short video I did to explain my coaching process.

Purchase My Coaching Session ($300)

Do I Really Need A Personal Installation Coach?

No, you don’t. You can keep trying to figure it out yourself and we have tons of information right here at Digiconcepts to help you do just that. With video tutorials and courses there is plenty to learn and content to consume on your own time.

But, just like a personal trainer can help you stay on track with your fitness goals, a coach can help you towards completing your project more quickly. Coaching is meant to be an acceleration of your learning curve. I have coached and mentored more than hundreds of installers in the last 15 years, and continue to do so on a weekly basis.

Take Me Through The Logistics?

Once you submit payment and verify your email address, you’ll be given a link to sign into your personal dashboard.  It’s here where you will be given my contact info to several different forms of communications where you can reach out to me when you are ready to utilize your personal coaching program.

Your coaching program account will initially be credited with 120 credits. Each credit is equivalent to 1 minute of time. Each coaching issue is worth a certain amount of credits based on the method of communication used to contact us and will be subtracted from your credits on hand accordingly.

You can use your coaching credits however you wish.  For example, you can use them all on a single project, or you can spread them amongst multiple projects.  However, there is a time limit.  Credits must be used within a 3-month period before they expire.

What Are The Different Forms Of Contact Available To Me?

We are excited to say that you have access to several forms of contact in order to make best use of your coaching program. More information about each form of contact is provided in greater detail on your Personal Coaching Welcome Page located inside your personal dashboard, but here is the complete list of contact options you will have access to:

  1. Toll Free Number
  2. Support Email
  3. Skype
  4. Online Chat
  5. Screen Share

What do you mean by ‘Coaching Issue’?

A ‘Coaching Issue’ would be equivalent to a support issue or single topic. Another way to put it would be each question on a single topic you ask.

Let’s say for example you are installing an AV receiver.  If you then ask the question how to I connect my AppleTV or DVD player?  This would be counted as a single coaching issue.  How do I connect my speakers? Separate issue.  How to I configure the AV receiver? Separate issue.  Why does my sub not work? Another separate issue.

Even though we were working on the same AV receiver, each of those questions relates to a separate coaching issue with each issue subtracting from your credits on hand based on the form of contact. However, follow-up questions to the initial issue will not trigger a deduction in credits.

What About These Personal Coaching Credits?

As mentioned, each purchase of a Personal Coaching package will credit your account with 120 credits.  As you begin to contact me with your coaching issues, credits will be subtracted from your account based on the form of communications used.  You can check on your credit balance at anytime by visiting your personal dashboard.

Below is the breakdown of credits cost per contact type.

Toll Free/Skype Call/Screen Share:
1 credit/minute (minimum 15 minutes)

Email/Online Chat:
5 credits/coaching issue

Can I Get The Session Recorded?

Yep! We use the #1 screen sharing support software TeamViewer which I pay for at my end. This is a world-class screen sharing, remote support software that allows you to see my live programming screen right from your own computer and I can even see your screen if you need to show me something.

So all our sessions are recorded in high quality HD audio and video so you can go back and review them as many times as you want in the future. Typically within 48 hours of our screen sharing session I will send you a secure video link file that only you will have access to going forward. We do not share or post these private sessions anywhere for obvious reasons.

Are There Discounts For Multiple Coaching Sessions?

No. My hourly rate is fixed purely for ease of accounting purposes on my end. As a side note: over the last 7 years my rate has steadily gone from $50/hr to $150/hr. During this time I have continued to keep a full calendar of clients. That said, anyone who signs up now will be locked in at the same rate in the future when I increase my hourly rate again.

Let's Go! What’s The Next Step?

If you want to ask more questions but aren’t sure where to start, shoot me an email and let’s email about everything first. As I usually find, most people know they need help but just don’t know where to start.

If you think you might be ready to start moving forward, the next step is for you to purchase your Personal Coaching package using the button at the top of this page.

After confirmation of payment there is a 2-step process to activate your Personal Coaching package.

Step 1:
For the safety and security of our community, we need you to verify you're a real person and not some internet spam-bot. An email will be sent to you in order to verify your email address.

Once your email address have been verified, you will be sent your login credentials where you can access and modify your account information, membership levels & packages purchased.