Network Monitoring & Remote Tech Support

Remotely monitor your networks, provide remote tech support and proactively prevent IT issues.

Network and Device Monitoring

Monitors all IP devices on any network regardless of the brand. iPhones, Sonos, TiVo, printers, Roku and anything else. Device status is checked every 30 seconds. Any device status changes are reported.

Network Diagnostics

Perform speed tests on demand. Speed tests are also performed automatically every 6 hours, to generate reports on network performance over time.

Network Log & Reports

History of the network’s online/offline status changes. Includes a reports feature, for reviewing network status.

Remote Device Access

Automatically scans opened ports for available services and facilitates remote access to them in 1-click without needing a VPN or needing to configure the router or settings. The software supports remote desktop, enabling you to connect with client machines via secure encrypted connection.


Email and push notification alerts when the internet has gone down. Device offline alerts when an important device goes down or offline to proactively solve and prevent issues in real-time. Real-time alerts when a new device joins the network. Detect intruders and identify network security threats.

Internet Health

Route analysis to identify where internet issues are originating: inside the network because of a configuration problem, from the internet service provider or end service provider.

Ethernet Port Monitoring

For supported network managed switches, get information about status of the port and upload/download traffic

Device Offline

Alerts when an important device goes down or offline so you can proactively solve and prevent issues in real-time.

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